Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s

The Vatican City is the smallest state in the world, while having its own postal service, newspaper, radio and its own army, consisting of the famous Swiss Guards.Despite its small size, it is the greatest concentration of art treasures in the world! The guide will explain the history and evolution of architectural site, explaining how poor the tomb of a humble fisherman – Peter – has become the global center of Christianity.

Your tour will begin at the entrance of Vatican Museum, home to an incredible collection of art, gathered by Popes over the ages. See examples of ancient statuary, like the famous Apollo Belvedere and Laocoon.  Visit the marvelous Raphael’s Rooms, the private apartments of Pope Julius II, painted by the master and his pupils, but certainly what will leave you breathless is the Sistine Chapel, so called because it was made at the behest of Pope Sixtus IV, and now is known as the home of the papal conclave.From the Museums we will visit St. Peter’s Basilica, the largest Church in the world, andwhose construction lasted for almost 150 years (since the beginning of the sixteenth to the first half of the seventeenth century), involving many artists, including Bramante, Antonio da Sangallo, Michelangelo, Giacomo della Porta and Carlo Maderno.   The interior is a veritable treasure trove of masterpieces, including the moving Pieta, by Michelangelo.  Your attention is drawn to the majestic bronze canopy, 29 meters high, placed at the center of the Basilica by Bernini, located directly above the burial place of St. Peter.

We will end our tour overlooking St. Peter’s Square, Bernini’s archetectural masterpiece, bounded by two semicircular colonnades designed to “embrace” symbolically the entire Christian people.  At the center of the square stands the Egyptian obelisk that once stood in the circus of Caligula, where according to tradition, Peter was martyred. We will also see the window in the building left of the square, from which every Sunday at noon the Pope recites the Angelus.

Sites Included:

  • Saint Peter’s Basilica and Vatican Museums
  • Museums, Pinacoteca, Raphael rooms
  • Gallery of the Maps
  • Courtyard of the Pinecone, Michelangelo’s Pietà
  • Sistine Chapel and more…

Topics covered:

  • the Church and its History
  • The artists, The popes, the scandals and anedocts
  • Particular attention paid to the development of Art in context.
  • The Lives of the Artists that contributed to the building of the largest Church in the world
  • A promise to have a dynamic, humorous, friendly and knowledgeable tour guide

Touring options:

  • 3 1/2 Private Tour : € 200,00 (per group) + individual entrance fees (€20,00 pre-booked skip the Line Entrance)
  • available for groups of 1 to 8 people

Running Dates:


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