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 Sarah May and Ettore


Ettore and Sarah May met in Florence in 2001 and married in 2003 in San Diego, California.  They moved to Italy together in 2005, where they share a house in the countryside with dogs, cats, a large garden and they harvest their own olives and make their own olive oil.  Both share a combined love and passion for the food, wine and culture of Italy and so, in 2011, decided to create Antiqua Tours with the intention of providing a unique service for guests who also share this combined interest.  This is why you can have an expertly led tour of the archaeological ruins in Ostia Antica, visit beautiful vineyards just outside Rome and enjoy group and private wine and food tour in the heart of Rome.  Both Ettore and Sarah believe that the wine and food of Italy is a part of its culture, and hope to create experiences for guests that are well rounded with this in mind. Particularly passionate about the cultural and enogastromonic treasures in Lazio, they have developed special itineraries to promote Lazio’s rich culture, food and wine as well as its burgeoning craft beer scene.

Sarah May is a Californian who moved to Rome in 2005 after completing her studies in European Humanities. During college, Sarah studied abroad in Adelaide, which is the closest city to Australia’s wine country. Whenever she had time, she would find herself in the vineyards getting to know everything there was to know about grapes and wine making. Wine became her greatest passion. Sarah was certified as a Sommelier through Associazione Italiana Sommelier Roma, in 2009. Sarah May is also a Italian wine ambassador at the #winelover community www.winelover.co

When she returned to San Diego in 1997 to finish her studies in photography, she started working in southern California as a commercial photographer. She travelled in the meantime to Europe, especially in Italy where she eventually met her future husband, Ettore, in 2001 on a trip to Florence. While visiting the great art galleries and museums in Europe, she realized she wished she had a stronger background in European Humanities and Art History, so she decided to return to university in 2002 and completed her studies in 2005. Three days later she moved to Florence to study Italian in an intensive course before finally settling down in the Castelli Romani, near Rome.  Sarah was certified as a Sommelier through Associazione Italiana Sommelier Roma, in 2009. 
She has been leading food, wine and culture tours since 2006.  She started teaching a university level wine class at the Instituto Lorenzo de’ Medici called Wines of Italy in 2012. Sarah is also a founding member and contributor to Rome’s prestigious food and beverage web portal, The Rome Digest www.theromedigest.com.

Ettore – Resident gourmand, wine enthusiast and certified Sommelier, Ettore was raised in a culture of food and wine. He is a native of the town of Genzano di Roma, in the countryside south of Rome, an area well known throughout Italy for its delicious yet rustic kitchen, frequented by every Roman at one point or another.

Ettore’s background is very diverse. He attended liceo classico and from an early age was exposed to classical history, mythology, and philosophy, which gave birth to his lifelong interest in pre-Roman Italy and archaeology. He is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Archaeology. He lived in California for two years and spent much of his free time studying the wine and food he missed in Italy. He is very passionate about local food and wine traditions and their historical significance, especially the food and wine culture of the Pre-Roman world. He was certified as a Sommelier through Associazione Italiana Sommelier Roma, in 2009. For a number of years he has become interested in the growing craft beer movement that has taken Lazio and Italy by storm. In 2013 he studied beer and Beer Tasting through l’Associazione Degustatori Birra.

Ettore is passionate about sharing the true treasure of his country, its food and wines and rich cultural history with people from all over the world. He is uniquely qualified to share his knowledge of Italy’s food and wine with his educational background as well as a deep understanding of the roots of food and wine culture in Italy, as a native born Italian brought up in a food and wine culture that dates back thousands of years.