Trastevere and Jewish Ghetto

This tour will take you through two of the oldest and authentic neighborhoods in Rome:  Trastevere and the Jewish Ghetto.  From Campo de Fiori we will trace the roots of the Empire, Christianity in Rome, the fall of Rome, and the reurbanization of the City since the Renaissance.  Once in Trastevere we will spend time in some of the most important churches and piazzas such as Santa Maria in Trastevere, which is one of the oldest churches in Rome and certainly the first dedicated to the Virgin Mary.  Once inside we will linger over the  brilliant mosaics both medieval and ancient, and start to discuss Trastevere’s importance in the Jewish community of Rome.  From there will visit at least one more medieval titular church which will lead us to underground Rome, to at least the 1st c. A.D. if not further.

We will then cross the river to the Tiber Island which since ancient times has always been dedicated to health and well being. On the island we will remain for some time to highlight the Ponte Rotto  and see the ancient built in prow which was built in reference to the ship of Aneas.  It is speculated that the roots of Roman culture are built from this island.  In any case, we can refer to our own modern times and see that on the Island there still stands a hospital, referring back to the ancient tradition of a place of healing and the Temple of Asclepios, the god of medicine. In fact the staff of Asclepios is still the symbol of pharmacies today!

From the island we will penetrate the heart of Jewish culture in Rome, which is the oldest in Europe.  Within the Ghetto we will visit Piazza 16 Ottobre 1943, where we will discuss Roman and Papal politics during WWII, Teatro Marcello, Portico d’Ottavia, and other remarkable sites that include a discussion of the Synagogue and Jewish Culture today in the Ghetto.  Our tour guide will lead you to the Jewish Museum at the end of the tour for those who would like to enter the great Synagogue of Rome(must do so with guide from Jewish Museum.  Even though there is no longer a “Ghetto” the historical Jewish community gives that neighborhood it’s unique character today.

Sites Included:

  • Churches of Santa Maria in Trastevere, San Crisogono and others
  • Old medieval neighborhood of Rome, Tiber Island
  • the Jewish Ghetto
  • Underground Crypts of early christian Churches

Topics covered:

  • Historical context of the sites
  • Facts and tales around each of the highlights visited
  • Particular attention paid to the history of Judaism in Rome and early Christianity
  • Legends and myths of the Fall of Rome historical context.
  • A promise to have a dynamic, humorous, friendly and knowledgeable tour guide

Touring options:

  • 3 hour Private Tour : € 145,00 (per group) + individual entrance fees payable on site.


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