A Taste of Rome: A Seminar of Lazio’s Wines

In this tour we focus on local wines made in the Lazio. Get to know the terroir, soil, landscape, autochthonous (from the region) grapes and wine styles of Lazio in an informal setting. We will visit two locations and taste 6 wines paired with local specialities. Lazio boasts some of the oldest wine making in Italy, dating back to the Etruscans in Cervetri. Though this region is known for bulk white wines, there are in fact wonderful wines being made by great producers using traditional grapes and methods. During our wine tour we will taste some of the best wines from Lazio. Perhaps you’ll never want to taste Chianti Classico again. This is a tasting for people who already have some wine tasting experience and want to learn more about the potential of the winemaking areas in Lazio that are often overshadowed by Rome itself.

• Wine Tasting of local wine from Lazio in Rome
• Learn about virtually unknown wines from Lazio
• Taste only wine from Lazio
• Fun and different wine tour
• Taste local specialities with the wines
• Learn about the local indigenous grapes of Lazio
• Cultural and historical information on the wines tasted
• 3 hour tasting
• Wonderful backdrop of Roman archaeological sites

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