Rome in a Glass

Immerse yourself in the real Rome, away from the chaotic city center. Let our certified sommelier introduce you to an Italian tradition, wine is the heart of the Italian table. This authentic Roman experience includes visits to two very distinct enoteche or wine bars, where you will have the opportunity to sample wine while learning about the complexities of both wine making and tasting in Italian wine culture. Pair local appetizers of the region with two white wines, two noble reds and a local sweet wine, and discover why each unique wine and food pairing are so enjoyed by the Roman culture. Sit back, relax, and understand Rome in the best sense of the word.

  • Wine tasting led my local guide and certified sommelier
  • Learn about Rome’s wine culture
  • Taste 5 different wines from varous regions in Italy
  • Sample local handcrafted delicacies
  • Learn about food and wine pairing
  • A great wine tour in Rome’s city center
  • Learn about diversity in Italian wine

Private tours start at €235: Inquire here

Also available as a Group Tour:  Tuesday and Friday evenings at 5pm €85 a person all inclusive.


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