Ostia Antica: Daily Life in Ancient Rome

While Pompei offers a snapshot of a Roman countryside retreat for upperclass citizens, Ostia Antica represents the city of the working class, the laborers and is much more indicative of how the average Roman lived. With only a 20-minute train trip, Ostia Antica is the true gem off the beaten path of regular Roman tourist attractions.

Our tour begins with a short train ride (20 minutes).During this time the tour guide wil explain the historical background of Ostia and its role as Rome’s port city. Ostia Antica is one of the jewels of Roman Archeology because it has remained intact. It is a perfect day trip from Rome, as  it is one of the best examples of an ancient Roman town, with most of its buildings in great condition. Temples, Theaters , mosaics, fast food joints, Bread Mills, public toilets(!) will leave you awed and glad to have gone there .

The Tour to Ostia Antica will take you back in time to a typical day in the life of a Roman citizen; on the original streets, places of entertainment, living premises in a virtually intact city of the Roman Empire.

Sites Included:

  • Ancient city of Ostia and the archeological museum
  • Roman streets, the greek theather, Baths of Neptune, the square of the Guilds, the Necropolis
  • House of Diana, House of the Painted Walls, fish shops, ancient mills
  • Roman Forum, Capitolium

Topics covered:

  • Historical context of the archeological site
  • Sites, their location, their purpose
  • Particular attention paid to the everyday aspects of  life: dwellings, jobs, entertainment, religion
  • An ordinary day of ordinary people
  • A promise to have a dynamic, humorous, friendly and knowledgeable tour guide

Touring options:

  •  4 hours Private Tour : € 185,00 (per group ) + individual entrance fees (€6,50 per person, train ticket*)  For  groups larger than 8 people, please inquire

Running Dates:

***the train ride to get to the archeological site is euro 1,50 each way/person and lasts 25 minutes.


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