Gothic Orvieto: Slow Food City

Perched upon cliffs of volcanic stone, Orvieto towers over the beautiful Umbrian countryside.  Though most well know for its magnificent Gothic Cathedral, Orvieto is also a food and wine destination and designated SlowFoodCity.  We will begin our journey in Rome either by car or by train and enjoy the breathtaking scenery leading up to Orvieto.  Undulating hills, river valleys, miles of vineyards and olive groves all describe the characteristic scenery of central Italy.  Inhabited for 3,000 years-first by the wine and food loving Etruscans- Orvieto is a marvel of culture, art, engineering, human ingenuity, food and wine.

This is a full day excursion that perfectly combines culture, food and wine.  In this tour we will visit the 14th century gothic Cathedral, the artistic jewel of Orvieto-and one of the most beautiful churches in Italy.  Inside the church we will have the opportunity to view Signorelli frescoes.  Other highlights include Etruscan ruins, underground caverns all while meandering through the pedestrian only alleys and streets of the town.

Our cultural visit should work up an appetite, so we will have the opportunity to have a private wine tasting of local Umbrian wines with a sommelier in a historic palace dedicated to the promotion of slow food and slow wine culture in Umbria.  Here we will discuss in detail the terroir of Umbria, local climatic conditions, microclimates, grape types all to get a better understanding of Umbria’s wines and the tantalizing relationship the people of Umbria have with their food and wine culture.  It is indeed a culture unto itself.

We will also stop in a local trattoria to enjoy local delicacies for lunch such as truffles or different types of sheep cheese.  This tour is really intended to give our guest a better understanding of Umbria’s intricately woven web of culture, food and wine, and though only an hour by train from Rome, it is another world.  Orvieto is the perfect town for those wishing to get to know Umbrian food and wine culture, Umbrian wine tasting, a pleasant and peaceful day trip from Rome all led by a guide well versed in the culture, food and wine of Umbria.


  • Gothic Duomo of Orvieto
  • Frescoes of Signorelli
  • St Patrick’s well
  • Etruscan culture
  • Wine tasting
  • Sample local food
  • Slow FoodCity
  • Truffles (when in season)

Addition supplement-winery tour near Orvieto-by car only

Private Tour only : For more information on this tour or to book it: Inquire here


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