Olevano Romano and the Cesanese Wine Grape


In this full day excursion from Rome we will leave the city and head straight to the Campagna Romana where we will visit vineyards, a cellar and a medieval town built on the foundation of an ancient settlement—all the while sampling wine made from an indigenous wine grape.  Cesanese di Affile is a black grape that is autocthonus to Lazio and responsible for Lazio’s most powerful and exciting wines.  During our excursion we will visit a small producer who focuses on Cesanese and how the grape expresses the terroir of the area.  We will visit his family’s vineyard deep in the countryside followed by a winery visit and wine tasting in his home. 

After our winery visit, our tour will take us to the local town for lunch at a renowned trattoria where the chef focuses on local products and practices a farm-to-fork philosophy.  Here guests will be able to sample various local and seasonal products that are made following the traditions of the region.  During lunch we will sample more of the local wine made from the Cesanese grape. 

After lunch, we will take a short stroll through the medieval town and then take a short drive to one of Lazio’s most celebrated and frequently overlooked towns, Subiaco.  Subiaco is a true cultural treasure of Lazio.  It was originally inhabited by ancient Italic settlers and conquered by the Romans in the 4th century BCE.  During the empire, Nero built villas with artificial lakes, but the town was abandoned after the fall of Rome until the birth of monastic culture in Italy.  In a cave a few miles from town, St. Benedict meditated and developed the Benedictine order. Throughout the medieval period and into early Baroque, Subiaco was a cultural center of great importance.  We will visit the key sites of Subiaco, completing a wonderful wine, food and culture filled day trip from Rome. 

·         Full Day Excursion from Rome

·         Vineyard tour and winery visit

·         Wine tasting

·         Visit the town of Olevano Romano

·         Taste wine made from the Cesanese wine grape

·         Lazio focused itinerary

·         Lunch at a local trattoria

·         Visit the ancient town of Subiaco

·         Have a wonderful day tour from Rome with private transportation

This excursion is available as a private tour from Rome. For more information please inquire here. Please let us know your dates and size of your party.


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