Mosaics Through the Ages

Mosaic art has been decorating Roman palaces, homes and churches for centuries spanning the entire history of Rome from the early Republic to the Christian period. Mosaics are assembled from small pieces of glass or painted stone and assembled to create images. From floors to decorative wall mosaics, Rome is the perfect city for learning about this spectacular art form. This 5 hour walking tour takes us through the ages of Roman history, through myth, iconography, art, technique and history. In this tour, we will span the ages from the republican period to the late middle ages starting with a visit to the Palazzo Massimo for its incredible collection of mosaics from antiquity. Here we’ll we will get a grasp on the techniques used, the type of designs that were popular in the republic, imperial and later antiquity and common household themes. It is truly amazing to see that the use of such tiny tesserae can make such incredible works of art. From there we will go to one of the most important papal basilicas in Rome, Santa Maria Maggiore, to survey that vast array of Christian mosaics ranging from the 5th century to the 13th century. Santa Maria Maggiore is home to 27 panels of the most well preserved and beautiful mosaics of the early Christian period in Rome. We’ll get special permission to visit the often overlooked and missed loggia to see some of the most splendid mosaics of the late medieval period depicting the legend of a miraculous event that took place on site. After Santa Maria Maggiore we will stop in the nearby Santa Pudenziana which is noted for the mosaics from late antiquity and known for their striking beauty. The apse mosaics are renowned for their iconography. Afterward, we will focus o the glittering Byzantine mosaics of the Byzantine period which was very influential in Rome in the 7th through 9th centuries. We will discuss the difference in style from the late Roman and newer Byzantine style, the iconography and the history and influence of the Byzantine style Rome.

Sites Included:

  • Early Christian Churches: Saint Maria Maggiore,Saint Prassede, Saint Pudenziana
  • Amazing Mosaics,the places of Early Christianity
  • Paved Masterpieces.
  • The incredible mosaics of the museum of Palazzo Massimo

Topics covered:

  • Historical context of the Churches visited
  • Facts and tales around each of the sites
  • Particular attention paid to the art of Mosaics, its origin and evolution in the Sacred Art
  • The most beautiful  classical Mosaics of the Eternal City spanning from Republican through the Imperial age.
  • Mosaics of early and late Medieval period
  • A promise to have a dynamic, humorous, friendly and knowledgeable tour guide

Touring options:

  • 5 hour Private Tour : € 235,00 (per group) + individual entrance fees (€15,00 )

Running Dates:


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