Gradoli: A Different Wine Tour


Gradoli is located on the northern edge of a dormant volcano, just on the edge of the Lake Bolsena.  For centuries, Gradoli has achieved fame for both its wine and wine making.  The town’s position on the lake in northern Lazio makes it perfectly situated for wine production.  In this excursion, we will visit a small winery that produces one of Lazio’s best examples of natural wine.  During our vineyard tour we will meet the producer who will give us an intense tutorial on volcanic soil, situation, terroir, ambient yeasts, and what this all means for wine.  Be prepared to get a your hands (a little) dirty!  We will be handling his lively soil while he explains the necessity of organic farming to yield high quality wine.  The vineyards are also in a beautiful location surrounded by sweeping lake views. 

During this Natural Wine focused excursion we will visit a very low intervention organic winery where the wine grower has a unique and radical method for high quality wine production.  During the visit we will learn about terroir, the life of the soil, the situation of the vineyard and how all these factors affect the final product.  After our vineyard visit we will have the chance to see the cellar where the wine maker will show us his wine making techniques.  There we will have the opportunity to taste various vintages straight from the barrel.  This visit emphasizes human relationships with nature and the products we can derive from its bounty.  We will explore tradition, terroir and nature.  If you are a natural wine aficionado or just a curious admirer, this tour takes you out of the wine shop and straight to the land to learn how and why these wines are produced.  This is a wine tour specifically designed for true wine lovers and for those who want to have an in-depth experience to learn about the cultural traditions of Italian wine making. 

After our winery and cellar visit, we will stop at a local trattoria for lunch, where we’ll enjoy local products and dishes paired with the wines from our visit.  Afterwards we’ll take a stroll through the medieval town and then take a scenic ride back to Rome.

·         Organic Vineyard visit and tour

·         Focus on autocthonus grapes from Lazio

·         Full Day Excursion from Rome

·         Visit a wine cellar and taste wine straight from the barrel

·         Led by a professional guide, sommelier and licensed interpreter

·         Visit the medieval town of Gradoli

·         Enjoy and photograph scenic views of Lake Bolsena

·         Learn about the natural wine movement from the wine maker

·         Wine tasting included

·         Lunch at local trattoria to enjoy local products with the wines

This excursion is available as a private tour from Rome. For more information please inquire here. Please let us know your dates and size of your party.


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