Castelli Romani Excursion and Wine Tour

Just a short distance outside of Rome exists the beautiful Castelli Romani, or Roman Castles- hill towns that surround two incredible volcanic crater lakes, Lago di Nemi and Lago di Albano. On this eight hour day trip we will visit a renowned winery in Frascati and then, after a stop for lunch at a charming osteria, explore one of the hilltop towns such as Genzano di Roma or Nemi, where you’ll have the chance to taste some of the local artisanal foods and wines while enjoying the fresh air and breathtaking views. During our informative walks you’ll also discover the many local myths and secrets of the area, including the mystery of the Lake of Nemi, the temple of Diana, and the truth about Caligula’s ships, as well as the stunning historical elements such as 14th century palaces and ruins of pre-Roman to Roman times. Experience Italian wine culture outside of the city limits.

  • Day tour from Rome
  • Transportation by private car
  • Led by a local guide
  • Exclusive winery tour just ourside Rome with private wine tasting led by a certified sommelier
  • Learn about the pre-Roman history of the area
  • Visit on of the most charming towns in the area
  • Sample local wine and food and other treats
  • From Ancient Rome to medieval towns

This excursion is available as a private tour from Rome. For more information please inquire here. Please let us know your dates and size of your party.


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