Ancient City and Colosseum Tour

We begin our three hour tour on the Palatine Hill to discover the roots of Rome. We start with its foundation in the 8Th century BC and finish with its demise in the 5Th century CE. Rome was founded as a small pastoral settlement on the Palatine Hill by the legendary King Romulus, near the Tiber river. The Palatine Hill offers the best setting to begin our historically rich tour. It was the ideal spot for future Romans. Its vicinity to the Tiber guaranteed water and transportation while the hills provided healthy air and defense from both floods and invaders. Romans annually celebrate the birth of Rome on April 21st 753 BC. The earliest expansions include the birth of the Forum, the original town square, in the valley below the Palatine and the Capital Hill. Due to its association with kings, the Palatine became the most chic neighborhood of Republican Rome and was inhabited by the richest and most eminent of Rome. The assassination of Julius Caesar sounded the death kneel of the Republic the Palatine became the center of Roman Power as the first Emperor chose to live there. From the Palatine we will visit the Roman Forum, and the center of political and religious life. We will walk down the Via Sacra, the main artery of the Forum follow theo foot steps of those that walked before us. The Forum was the center of Roman life where commercial,  civic, and religious activities were held. In the Forum, we will dive deep into the lives of the Romans, including the life of Julius Caeser who was assassinated on the Ides of March 44 BC and later deified.From the Forum, we will visit that most majestic of Roman monuments the Colosseum. We all think we know what happened there: Blood thirsty crowds, gladiatorial battles to the death, innocent Christians being devoured mercilessly by wild beasts. We separate fact from fiction in a setting that both horrifies us and enchants. No other monument in the world embodies the human spirit throughout the ages. A monument that celebrates how far-reaching humans can be, but also how depraved and sick cultures can become. Join us as we celebrate a culture of unsurpassed splendour, culture and engineering. A culture that has influenced the birth of most modern democracies, and a culture that survived until 1453 AD.

Sites Included:

  • Colosseum,Roman Forum, Palatine Hill
  • Triumphal Arches, Senate House, House of the Vestals
  • Cryptoporticus of Nero
  • Romulus’ Hut and more…

Topics covered:

  • Historical context of the Archeological Site
  • Facts and tales around each of the highlights visited
  • Particular attention paid to the foundation of Rome  (archeological evidence and the Roman legends)
  • The Lives Of The Gladiators
  • A promise to have a dynamic, humorous, friendly and knowledgeable tour guide

Touring options:

  • Group Tour:  €65,00 (person) ALL Inclusive
  • Private Tour: € 165,00 (per group) + individual entrance fees (€15,00 skip the Line Entrance)

Running Dates:

  • Group Tour: Every Monday,Thursday and Saturday (min 2ppl)
  • Private Tour: Inquire 


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